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Web Hosting Security

Web Hosting Guard provides professional and reliable web hosting security services. Our experienced webmasters carefully monitor and test each website hosting and CMS security and protection from malware and malicious attacks.  Our team offers reliable service, different security features, a control dashboard, and ease of use.

WordPress Hosting Security

It’s possible to get free web hosting accounts. These are great for small websites, but normally you have to have a banner ad at the top of every page. Some free accounts let you use your domain name (free virtual hosting) and with some your website address is a subdomain of the free hosting company ( This second type is called Free Sub-domain hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting you have a full server dedicated to your website. This gives you a lot more freedom and you can host potentially hundreds of your own websites. Typically you will have access to the server just like you have access to your PC at home. Dedicated servers are normally reserved for large ecommerce type websites, sites that get a lot of visitors (thousands a day), or for people that want to start their own hosting company and sell shared hosting accounts. A dedicated server is more reliable, but also much more expensive being at least $100 a month vs. $1 – $20 range of a shared hosting plan.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting account and can be very low cost. With paid shared (virtual) hosting you pay a monthly fee and get a share on a server. For very low cost plans you may only have a small amount of disk space and a low amount of bandwidth (although this will probably not be a problem for the vast majority of websites). With cheap virtual hosting plans you maybe one site amongst hundreds on the same server – in this case reliability may suffer. For slightly more expensive plans you will probably find better reliability.

So What Web Hosting Plan Is Right One For You.

You have a lot of choices in the web hosting market and it can be very confusing to find the best deal that meets your needs.

The 1st step before you start to look for a web hosting company is to determine what your needs are. It can be very tempting to look for plans that offer everything. There are many such deals available, even at a low price, but you will be storing up trouble for yourself. Take a step back and determine exactly what you need and then use Web Hosting Guard to find a plan that matches at the right price from a web hosting company that you’re comfortable with.

Step One - Determining Your Needs

1. Disk Space:- Web pages (html) are normally very small – on average 40 – 50KB. This means you can store a lot of web pages in a small amount of diskspace. Images take up more space, but unless you have a big database driven site – it’s unlikely that you will need very much disk space. Below is terminology used to describe disk space. If you have a computer at home or the office, then you will be already very familiar with this.

Step Two - Finding The Right Plan

Finding the right web hosting plan is the purpose of Web Hosting – so you’re at the right place. You can enter your needs into the easy or advanced search tools, or you can use one of the preset searches then refine your search.

Web Hosting.

What Is A Web Host

A web host is simply an Internet domain and website service provider who helps to place your site on a computer, which is attached to a dedicated server, which is then in turn connected to the internet.