Don't Use EIG hosting

Why You Should Avoid EIG Hosting Companies

If there is one thing you should take away from reading this blog, it’s this – avoid Endurance International Group (EIG) hosting companies if you can.

No web host is perfect. All of them have positives and negatives. However, the amount of negative reviews on EIG hosting is staggering. Do a Google search on “EIG Hosting” and see for yourself.

You might ask what is so peculiar about EIG hosting that makes it such a magnet for poor reviews? Well, the answer lies in the company’s M.O.

Modus Operandi

EIG is one of the world’s largest web hosting parent companies. It has become that large by buying up lots of webhosting companies. Many of its acquisitions were/are some of the most popular web hosts around.

When EIG takes over a hosting company, it “optimizes costs” by gutting the infrastructure, migrating clients over to the more inferior infrastructure, and firing excellent support staff. Previously excellent hosts subsequently  become below average or poor after being acquired and their prices go up.

Take a look at the high shared hosting prices of Blue Host and Host Gator, two of the most popular EIG hosting brands. Blue Host’s “Plus” plan, which offers the lowest price on its 12-month unlimited domain hosting plan, costs €81.35/$91 (€6.78 monthly pro-rata) – a 42% discount – at the time of writing. After the first year of service, the full price of about €144/$161.08 kicks in. This price is extremely costly.

Host Gator’s “Baby” plan, its cheapest unlimited shared hosting plan, cost $11.95 pro-rated monthly, which is $114.50 inclusive of tax prepaid for the first year. After the first year, the regular rate kicks in, which is $143.40. This price is also very high for shared hosting. Check out the prices of other EIG companies to see a pattern of inflated prices.

EIG surely wants to maximize profit for its shareholders. Still, in my opinion, it is not doing so ethically because of the suspect service it offers at high costs. For an affordable quality web host, check out these guys. I highly recommend them.

EIG’s gobbling up so many hosting companies makes it is harder for people to discern the quality hosts from the bad ones. Further exacerbating this problem is the high commissions EIG pays to affiliates who sell their hosting. Consequently, you have an extraordinary number of affiliate marketers pushing EIG hosting companies simply because of the money-making potential, while ignoring the service issues.

Here is a visual representation of all EIG hosts to date.

EIG hosting


Those High Commissions

This site has an affiliate relationship with non-EIG hosting companies, Namecheap and InterServer. If you buy hosting from either of those companies through a link on this site, I get a commission.

It isn’t accidental that I don’t promote EIG hosting companies. I don’t promote them because their hosting is far too problematic for far too many people.

However, there are many owners of web hosting review sites that do promote EIG-owned hosting companies and only those. I can’t help but feel those review sites have that model because of the very high commission structure that EIG pays its affiliates. Some of those review sites simply rank EIG hosts that pay the most commission more favorably and rank lower commission-paying hosts less favorably.

I am an affiliate marketer, and I get wanting to earn a buck. But that desire has to be balanced by what is in customers’ best interests. Not all review sites approach their businesses this way.

My Experience With EIG

Bluehost is one of the jewels in EIG’s crown. It is one of the most popular hosting companies around. Its popularity is no surprise, given how well advertised they were and are.

I had a couple of tiny blogs hosted on Bluehost around 2010-2011. For some strange reason, I started getting bad gateway errors. I contacted support. They told me to clear my cache, deactivate plugins, and theme, something to the effect of flushing my database. The latter worked but only temporarily. In a day or two, the annoying problem would re-occur. I ended up selling one blog and abandoning the rest as they were merely one-page test blogs.

I moved over to Stable Host and started a bigger blog than before. I used the same blog theme and plugins like the ones I had with Blue Host. I never had those bad gateway way problems again and got a noticeable bump in site loading speed to boot.

Stable Host is another non-EIG host I highly recommend for its top notch customer service and for the positive effect it had on my site’s speed.


There are customers who assert that they have no issues with EIG owned hosting companies like Blue Host, HostGator, and others. While I don’t disbelieve them, I am still dissuaded by the high volume of disgruntled customers. For the prices their customers pay, the value received seems low in comparison.