Interserver Review

Interserver Review: Why This Company Deserves Your Hosting Business

I host this blog with InterServer. The company offers excellent support and good site speed.

Even though this company has been around since ’99, I view it as an “under-the-radar” host. When I read up on hosting reviews on the various forums, InterSever is not mentioned that often in comparison to other hosting companies.

Its lack of mainstream popularity could be viewed as a plus because sometimes, when a company becomes too popular, it can get too big for its britches. When that happens, performance suffers.


The company offers many standard features for its shared hosting environment, such as:

*Unlimited storage and bandwidth
*Hosting for unlimited domains
*Unlimited email
*SSD servers
24/7 support via a ticketing system or live chat
*Easy-to-use control panel (cPanel)
*In-house caching plus free Cloudflare CDN caching
* In-house security shield (which includes automatic virus scanner and in-house malware database) to block hacks and malware.
*Speed optimized servers
*99.9% Uptime
*Hundred of available one-click install scripts
*And lots more.

However, there were a few additional features that stood out to me:


Standard shared hosting cost $54 yearly ($4.50/month pro-rated) and $144 ($4/month pro-rated) if you pay for three years up-front. Many other hosts are charging, on the low end, $10 monthly or more for standard hosting, and $15 upwards, on the high end.

If you require more powerful resources, such as WordPress Cloud VPS hosting, you can get this service for as low as $6 monthly for a single CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and 2TB of transfer bandwidth.

This price is pretty darn good, given that so many other webhosts charge $10 monthly or a lot more for this service. You can even pay a small monthly fee to add cPanel to your VPS hosting.


Common among many hosting companies is a discounted one-year introductory price offer for the new customers. After one year, the price might double or go up to whatever the standard rate is. However, removing the discount isn’t how InterServer operates.

The initial price any customer pays when he/she first opens a hosting accounting is the cost of hosting for life. This price lock guarantee is one of the main reasons why I decided to host with this company.


When you open a new hosting account, support will migrate over your website/blog from your old host. This service might seem like nothing special, as free migration is pretty commonplace now among other web hosts. However, Interserver’s support will, besides migration, clean up the site if it were hacked and seal the source of the compromise.


This host utilizes only 50% of available resources, which allows it to ensure better performance for its hosted sites. This attention to customers’ needs over profit was another big reason why I chose Interserver.

Some highly advertised web hosting companies operate under a money-grabbing modus operandi. By “money-grabbing,” I mean that those companies desire to gain as many customers as possible per unit of infrastructure, which results in system overload, reduced site speed, and more significant security challenges. Interserver, on the other hand, takes a more customer-oriented approach.

There are areas that the company could improve on. For me, these areas weren’t a deal-breaker but still worth mentioning.



InterServer does not offer a free domain for life when you open a new hosting account. I already had a domain name when I opened my account, so I wasn’t bothered that much by the lack of this feature.

Had I needed a new domain, I could have registered a dotcom for a year with the company for the super low price of $1.99. But the fees to renew a dotcom with the company was/is quite high, at $11. So you’ll have to work out how many years you plan on registering a domain and calculate if it is cheaper to register the domain with Interserver or with an established domain registrar.


I have found the dialogue box for the live chat support a bit buggy at times. There are times when I access live support, and all the requisite info loads quickly, such as the space to type my message, the welcome message from the support, my position in the support queue, etc. Other times, it doesn’t load or takes some time to load and connect with support.

My web speed in my neck of the woods isn’t that great, so I am not sure if that is a factor in the bugginess. That said, when live chat support comes online, there are very helpful.

Alternatively, there is an in-house ticketing system that works well. It functions much in the same way that email does. I have used it a couple of times, and the response time is fast- within minutes.


We all know how crucial it is to backup your website for security reasons. InterServer offers weekly backups of your site. Daily backups would have been a lot better, especially if for customers who update their websites often.

I find that for hosting offered at Interserver’s price point, to use the backup facility properly requires some technical knowledge or the ability to follow technical instructions well. Hosting provided at much higher price points, such as Managed WordPress Hosting, are more likely to offer genuine, easy-to-use, one-click backup, and one-click full restoration facilities.

At any rate, it is always smarter to back up your site at a location outside of your web host. Click here to read my article on the various options backing up your websites.


Shared hosting customers can avail themselves of the guarantee mentioned above. However, this guarantee is not available to dedicated hosting and VPS customers.


InterServer owns and operates two data centers located in Secaucus, NJ, and one in Los Angeles, CA. Having only two data centers in one country is limiting.

Comparatively speaking, a website that is hosted in a location closest to its customers will have superior site speed, all other factors being equal. So, if your customers are located in Europe, but your website is hosted in Los Angeles, your website could be at a speed disadvantage.


I recommend InterServer. It offers affordable, reliable, and fast hosting. The company’s claim of 99.9% uptime seems genuine. My sites have not experienced any noticeable downtime thus far. Support is quick and helpful.

For customers looking for higher hosting power, the company also offers customizable VPS and dedicated hosting plans at competitive prices.

When I scour the web for other reviews, it appears that this company has a highly favorable rating. Coupling its excellent reputation with its longevity in the market place, I’d say InterServer has a highly customer-driven ethos.