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I am a domain name reseller. I register domain names and sell them for a higher price.

To minimize costs and risks, I use various domain registrars in my side business, namely Namecheap, Dynadot, Uniregistry, Godaddy,, and Namesilo.

Here’s my review on them all.

Register Domain Names At Namecheap

I use Namecheap occasionally to register non Generic Top Level Domains (GTLDs) such as dot app. This company also operates as a web host. As a domain registrar, this company offers reasonable prices for first year registration, top support, and a powerful domain management interface.

You can register popular domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) plus over 400 not-so-common extension. Registration comes with a host of top-notch features. Check out the list below to see the features available.


Why pay $10 or more for domain privacy when you can get it for FREE for life. This feature reduces spam and protects against identity theft.


With a vast number of DNS servers across the US and Europe, you can be sure of getting very reliable service, featuring URL and email forwarding. The system also uses dynamic DNS, which automatically manages changing IP addresses to keep your site running with NO downtime.


With the purchase of a domain, you get exclusive pricing on a premium SSL certificate. This premium certificate takes only a few minutes to set up and provides a free site seal and 128 or 256-bit encryption. Also, there’s no extensive paperwork involved to get your SSL going.


Knowledgeable support staff is available 24/7 to guide you through the domain purchase process and answer your questions should you need help. You can also browse an extensive knowledgebase for information on all the products and services available.


Many domain registrars charge over $10 to register a dotcom in the first year. Namecheap offers new dotcom registration for $8.88 at the time of writing.

The company posts domain registration discount codes on its site. You can expect to get at least a few cents off the first year pricing for dotcom registration and transfers. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the dotcom renewal price (for the second year) is $12.98 – which is steep.


I like Dynadot a lot. I use them frequently in any given month. I find that it offers domain discounts quite often. Typically, it charges $8.99 to register a dotcom, but I am frequently able to pick up dotcoms between $5.99-$6.99 each.

It also offers frequent discounts on other GTLDs such as dotnet and dotorg. The company also provides free domain privacy, which at other domain registrars, you have to buy.

Another thing I appreciate about Dynadot is its well-organized interface. After logging in, domains that are expired and are about to expire are in full view.

Also, in clear view are my average monthly registration cost, my annual registration cost, and a breakdown of the number of domains I have registered according to extension (.com, .net, .info, etc.) Dynadot is a fantastic registrar.


This is another good registrar. Its interface is fast and easy to use.

The standard dotcom registration price, which is charged from the time of the initial registration, is $10.88 at the time of writing. This price isn’t the most competitive, but you get free domain privacy with that. You also get 2-factor authentication with your account, which provides robust security.

I used to use this registrar quite a bit in the mid-2010s. Each time I registered a domain, I would get some free Top Coins, a form of cryptocurrency. However, I eventually stopped using Uniregsitry – mainly for pricing reasons and also because the partnership between Uniregistry and Top Coin ceased. So no more free Top Coins.

Uniregsitry offers a whopping 473 domain extensions that you can register. You search domains at Uniregistry by using the box below.



This company advertises widely, like at the Super Bowl, and is arguably the most popular registrar worldwide. It used to be my go-to registrar, and up to 2010 or so, as it offered reasonable dot com registration prices.

It frequently offered discount codes and still does. One could reuse those codes a couple of times. Now, the really good discount codes, the ones that give you sub $6 dot com registration pricing, can only be used once or have severely restricted use. Boy, do I wish I could take advantage of its $1.99 new registration discount codes again.

Now, I don’t use Godaddy that much anymore. Occasionally, when I want to register a domain in its auction and closeout sale, I use it. However, for the vast majority of my domain portfolio, I hardly use it.

Why? In the past, I was not too fond of its interface. It was slow and clunky. It has improved a lot over the years. By the time the improvements rolled around, I had primarily moved away from Godaddy.

Godaddy’s order process was a slight turn off for me as well because of the number of upsells along the way before getting to the order page. Some might say upsells represent good marketing, but it was a little annoying to me at times.

My number one reason for not using Godaddy as much before is its registration pricing for dotcoms. Its price isn’t competitive at all. When you consider that the standard dot com registration price is around $18, even if you get a  25% discount, the final price would still not be that great.

At the time of writing, it costs $12 to register a dotcom with Godaddy for the first year. In the second year, the price rises to the standard rate of $17.99. In fairness, you could probably find a 20% or 30% discount code to reduce the renewal price, as those are multi-use codes. Godaddy itself often email registrants with discount renewal codes. By the by, here is a great place to get lots of current Godaddy discount codes.

You would think with Godaddy’s high pricing, you’d get free domain privacy, but no – you have to pay around $10 annually for that – which is crazy. All the other registrars listed on this page offer free domain privacy. Godaddy does offer two-factor verification login for added account security – which is pretty standard.

Godaddy’s name recognition isn’t enough for me to ignore the much more favorable pricing available at other registrars. But pricing isn’t the only big disappointment.

Here is another big turnoff – the company doesn’t offer a 30-day renewal grace period anymore. It’s now only 18 days! The grace period is a period after a domain expires that you are allowed to renew a domain name without incurring a penalty. Many other domain registrars, including the others mentioned on this page, offer a 30-day renewal grace period.

Name Dot Com is a decent registrar. It has a clean interface, sub $9 annual dot com registration pricing for the first year, free Whois domain privacy, and two-step verification account security.

Dotcoms do renew at the standard $12.99 pricing after the first year – which is steep. This high price is why I usually transfer out my domains after just one year of registration. This company doesn’t offer that much variety in extensions to register, which could be a good thing anyway. Why?

Well, if you are new to domain names, especially, it is suggested that you stick to registering the tried and proven, the most recognizable extension – the dot com extension – for your website.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of registering exotic domain extensions for your business – such as dot la, dot site, dot rocks, and so on. These domain extensions have very little brand recognition with the general public unless you have a big budget to brand them.


Namesilo is another one of my go-to domain name registrars.  Namesilo offers competitive dotcom registration and renewal prices at $8.99 (standard) and free Whois domain privacy.

The company gives some excellent discounts from time to time – like $2 off standard pricing. It’s a real treat to buy a .COM for $6.99 – like the good ole days – well – almost.

You can register domain names with an unverified Paypal account. This registrar also offers a 30 day grace period for renewals and 2-factor authentication for additional security.

I love the company’s interface too. For one thing, it is fast. With my account already set up, I can choose and register a domain in under a minute. There isn’t a bombardment of service upsells in the ordering process that is synonymous with many other registrars.


Godaddy has very high name recognition, but its dotcom registration fee is too expensive for my taste. and Namecheap have reasonable initial one-year dotcom prices, but after that, their steep standard rates kick in.

Unregistry is the go-between. Its standard dot com registration fee is a tad high, though lower than Godaddy’s and’s. Uniregistry doesn’t normally offer first-year dotcom registration discounts, though. The good thing about this is that you’re not surprised by a higher renewal cost in your second year of registration.

My go-to domain registrars are Namesilo and Dynadot. They have very competitive pricing not only in the first year of registration but throughout the life of the dotcom. With these two, you are more likely to get repeat sub $7 or even sub $6 dotcom registration discount pricing.